May 23, 2012

DIY Wooden Picture Tutorial

Not sure what to do with the hundreds of photos you’ve taken on your camera? Follow this easy DIY tutorial to learn how to transfer any photo onto a block of wood!  This makes for a unique way to show off your favorite pictures and doubles as a personalized piece of d├ęcor! Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

-       Block of wood
-       Photo (Printed from a laser printer)
-       Acrylic gel medium (Found at any art supply store)
-       Paint brush
-       Washcloth

Paint on a generous coat of the acrylic gel medium onto the wood making sure it is spread evenly across the whole surface.

Carefully position your photo (ink side facing down) onto the block of wood and smooth out all air bubbles with your fingers. Wipe off excess gel and let it dry overnight.

Wet the paper using a damp washcloth.  Use enough water until you see the image show through.

Gently rub the paper with your fingers until it starts to peel off.  Do this to the entire photo making sure no paper residue remains. 

Once again paint on a thin layer of the gel medium to seal and protect the photo.  Let it dry and you’re done! Yay!

Tips and tricks:

-       Make sure your photo is printed from a laser printer. It won’t work with ink jet printers.
-       Keep in mind that the end result will be a mirror image of your photo. If your picture contains words or you don’t like this effect use a photo editing software to flip the photo horizontally before you print it.
-       Get those air bubbles out! If not your photo won’t properly transfer onto the wood. Try using a credit card to help you smooth out the paper further.
-       If your fingers get tired from rubbing the paper, a washcloth or toothbrush can also help with this step. 

That’s it! Just follow these easy steps for a fun way to display your photos while adding an earthy feel to your home! Happy Crafting!