Apr 28, 2009

Sweet Beats

OK something to rave about. You must (MUST) check out this amazing radio player I added to my sidebar.

Step 1: Grab a small snack and a tasty drink.

Step 2: Type in the name of one of your favorite artists and the audio player will magically generate a playlist streaming random tracks by that artist and similar ones as well.

Step 3: Take a bite of your snack.

Step 4: Allow song playing to commence.

Step 5: Gasp in amazement as your ears are filled with melodies that can only be described as positively delicious.

Step 6: Proceed with two minute cool down period as to avoid an overload of sheer greatness.

Step 7: Resume snack eating and enjoy your tracks!

USE it or LOSE it kids.

**ONE LAST TIP** I know you're excited to see what the upcoming songs are, but the music player (let's call her Lafawnda) gets pissed off if you keep skipping ahead and pulls out some mean tricks....so play nice.

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