May 18, 2009

More Fun with Recycled T-Shirts

Of course it's snowing in the middle May here in Calgary so I decided to stay inside and do a bit more crafting. I came up with these bracelets/cuffs. What do you think? Again made from the leftover scraps of my tie dyed fabric. ** tutorial coming up soon!

Neat-O....Can you tell I really like green?

I was too lazy to sew so I used some permanent fabric glue to put these together. They are so soofffftttt that I forgot I was even wearing it today! Errrr...I think I might be a little bit obsessed with upcycling t-shirts. This is a dangerous (but good) addiction I'm heading into. I'll save you t-shirts!

For instance, check this little gem out. I found this t-shirt at the free clothing give away:

WOWEE precious isn't it? Um...yes, I see someone did a little DIY project of their own here. Nice try, better luck next time. This shirt just screams "upcycle me"... and so I did! YAY!

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