May 26, 2009

Value Village Finds

So I hit up that Value Village 50% off sale yesterday, mostly to buy some old man t-shirts to do more projects with...BUT I did find a few fun pieces all at $2.50 a pop! Not too sure how well I can pull off the romper look...reminds me a little of all the onesie jumpsuits my mom used to sew for me in grade 5. I had about four that I rotated throughout the week....all in various floral patterned fabrics that I picked out myself! haha! I might turn it into a dress instead by sewing the two leg openings together.


  1. Yeah, I feel more comfortable in a dress than a romper, too. Maybe if I try to wear them more regularly???

  2. Rompers are a funny little creation. I actually thought this was a dress when I saw it...then I realized why I couldn't fit both my legs into it. haha.

  3. I bought a similar floral romper and am in the process of sewing the leg openings together. It's a little tough..but i'm also a novice sewer.
    The romper look is definitely one that does not look good on everybody. Not the most flattering item of clothing.