Jun 29, 2009

Market Collective!

Yipee! I had so much fun at the market :) Thank you to everyone who came by to visit me, it was a huge success!! Oh lookie who we have here, my lovely table mate Andrea and her adorable handmade cards....AND my crazy friend Mynthia and her AMAZING prints. Visit her site here for a closer look.

PS. here are some lovely finds:

Oh yes, that is indeed a moustached necklace with an accompanying eyepiece. I just HAD to snap a photo of this baby in action. hahaha Overall it was a great experience and I can't wait to do it again. :)

Check back soon for:

braided scarf tutorial, etsy site launch, contest giveaway and more t-shirt creations!! WOWEE!!


  1. Oh! It looks like you had great fun!

    Thanks for sharing! I was feeling a bit worn out and uncreative after the last market... but I think you may have got me excited again!

  2. Oh la la!!! I can't wait for you etsy store to be up! :)