Jul 16, 2009

DIY recycled t shirt braided scarf tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to make your very own homemade recycled t shirt braided scarf.

There are several different ways to go about making these scarves, but all are extremely simple. For this project, I used XL t-shirts I got from a local thrift store but you can also use store bought jersey fabric as well. Let's get started!!


- Fabric OR XL used seamless t-shirt (no need to buy new)
- Fabric scissors

That's it! WOW!


You will need approximately 1 - 2 meters of fabric depending on the desired length. I chose a cotton jersey because it was so soft and very stretchy, however, any type of cotton will do. Go to your local thrift store to find mens or ladies XL cotton t-shirts. I say XL because the width of the t-shirt will determine how long your scarf is and the length will determine the thickness. Also, avoid using t-shirts with seams sewn on the sides as they will look unsightly when braided. No no no to seams.


If you are using a t-shirt first you need to WASH it....who knows where it's been or who's been doing jumping jacks in it. Yucky. Next you want to lay it flat and cut out the body of the shirt by cutting off the hem on the bottom as well as the top portion of the shirt by cutting right under the armpit.

Feel free to splatter fabric paint or tie dye your material at this point, I have kept this scarf plain.

Cut 1/2 - 1 inch strips along the width of the fabric creating loops. I cut out the strips freehand...you do not need to be exact, but try to make sure that the strips are about the same size. If the edges are jagged it's ok...they will be rolled up anyways.

You will end up with something like this:

Once all the strips have been cut out, gently tug along the length of the strips to curl the edges under. Make sure to stretch each loop out evenly, otherwise you can end up with some longer than others.

If you used a t-shirt for this project, cut through one end of fabric so you have long strands of cotton instead of circular loops. Leave one strand aside, as you will be using it to secure the braid later on.

You will need to find something to anchor one end of the fabric to keep the strands in place while you braid. The only thing I could think of using was one of the table legs from my coffee table! haha. It worked really well! Leave a good amount of fabric to be unbraided as this will form the free flowing strands that you see in the photo. I left approximately a foot of fabric. I will now leave you to your search of something to anchor your scarf. Good Luck!

Next you will need to divide your strands into three equal sections. Here I had exactly four strands in each section, BUT the number of strands does not need to be exact....just roughly the same.

Now it's braiding time!!! Yahoo!! I believe that most of you know how to preform a simple braid, but just in case you don't....watch this video here. Braid down the length of the fabric again leaving about a foot of fabric unbraided at the bottom. Make sure you braid a small section at a time as the strands below the braid get tangled fairly quickly. Brush through them every so often to prevent this from happening.

Once the braid is complete, gently remove it from whatever you used to anchor it and tie the two ends of the braid together with the strand you saved earlier. Wrap it around the ends several times and double knot it to secure. Weeee you're almost done!!!

Feather out the strands and cut random pieces shorter to created a layered effect.

Easy Peasy! Now you're all done! Enjoy your new homemade recycled t-shirt braided scarf, how lovely.

Comment below if you have any questions! Thanks for reading!!


  1. Lovely!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. im totally making this today!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! It's definitely bookmarked for future projects! Your blog is really great! I am excited to read more :)

  4. Another great post & tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing this one & love your Etsy shop:)

  5. Thank-you! I just stumbled upon your blog and am excited to read more of your posts! This tutorial was one of the most helpful/straightforward I've come across.

  6. i just finished making one, and i LOVE it!

  7. Another great way I've discovered is to just cut a wide (about 30 cm) strip from the bottom of the shirt, all the way around, creating a tube, then just pop it over your neck. I've received dozens of compliments and a few people asking if I bought it at Urban Outfitters.

    Below is a link to one of their "eternity scarves", the full-circle fabric scarf that I've created from old garments. Feel free to let it hang loose, or wrap it around a few times for a more cozy feeling. I've also seen them draped over one's shoulders as a shall, or popped over the back of the head for a Lady Gaga look, however I've been too timid to try these outside of the house.

  8. I just made mine and I love it! I'm gonna wear it to work tomorrow. Thanks for sharing

  9. Thank you for this super simple tutorial! I love it...actually I just cut up on e of my hubbies t-shirts and made one....Love it!

  10. love this post! thanks for sharing :)

  11. DIY recycled t shirt braided scarf tutorial

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  13. ah.... nice! could be shorter for a headband too ^^ thanks for sharing.

  14. I can't wait to make this! I LOVE it!

  15. I Just made This And It Looks Awesome!! Thanks

  16. My daughter, my husband and I just made this! We used 2 different colors to represent our school colors. Very cute and very easy!! Love this idea! Will be sharing for sure....I already "pinned it" on Pinterest. :)

  17. For Christmas this year we've decided that one gift given needs to be a gift that can be 'regifted' or something homemade--this fits both for me and I have 3 girls to do this for--Love the idea --thanks for the instructions!!

  18. We just made these for a craft night. I posted about it your scarf as inspiration here:
    Thanks for the nice instructions.

  19. Oh I think this might be my favorite recycled t-shirt scarf. No sewing? I'm all about that. And this one is super cute. Thanks!

  20. This was so easy! For a lazy crafter (someone who wants to really be one but just never gets around to it) this was perfect! I just made one and am going to give it as a gift. I have a few more to make now!! I think they'll love it!

  21. thanks:D this was super easy to make! i love mine!

  22. wow this gorgeous and super simple ,u did a great job,thanks for posting

  23. I just did an emerald green one and it turned out awesome! thanks a bunch for this! also, with the leftover T-shirt material, I made a mini version as a wristband. too freakin cute! :)

  24. Love this! Great tutorial. Just curious, how hard is it to find a seamless jersey knit shirt? :S not sure I own any...

  25. How cute is this, and so affordable but not "cheap looking" O how I will be making this :) Thanks

  26. I would love to make this scarf, but don't understand something do I just use the T-shirt up to the area where the arms start???

  27. Yes, you can't use the part with the arms and neck since the fabric doesn't form loops. Hope that helps!

    Thanks for all your kind words everyone! Happy Crafting! :)

  28. I didn't have any old t-shirts so I used some knit fabric. Problem is, it will not curl. Any suggestions or do I need to not use that fabric?

  29. Unfortunately knit fabric won't curl because of the way the fibers are woven. Cotton t shirts work best. You could try making it anyways and see how it turns out since it's all braided up anyways it might look cool! Good luck!

  30. I love the tutorial you did. So easy to follow your directions. I started making different kinds of scarves and I love it. Easy and cheap is what I like most. Thanks for sharing.

  31. I love this it was so nice and easy only took me 30 mins.

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  33. I love this and just finished making one - amazing! I"m soo excited about it. I did pink and grey to go with a special t-shirt I had printed. Thanks so much for the easy instructions.

  34. I absolutely love this creation! Amazing job!!! :D

  35. best t-shirt scarf i've seen and very good instructions

  36. Great instruction,

  37. I am so excited to try this! Great instruction too!;)

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