Sep 7, 2009

Market Collective

Yoohoo, I wish I had taken more pictures from the market I did recently but I just wanted to show you the business cards I made! I found the most adorable stamps at Michaels for only a dollar each! I loooooooooove bunnies so I just HAD to pick this one up. Aw. Also pictured are some of the belts that were on sale. Check back soon, so very soon because I'll be adding a whole bunch of new items to my Etsy shop! Yahoo!


  1. I like the colours in the photo you did take. Was it a successful market? You must have been so busy beforehand.

  2. I discovered your blog a couple months ago (and guiltyyyy of not commenting sooner) and it is so lovely! Your projects are so innovative! I especially love your knotted bracelets and headbands! It totally makes me want to embrace the craftiness within me again.

    And your business cards are cute! I would also love that array of colored belts hanging on my wall, so that I'd have practical and ornamental usage!

  3. cuuuuuuuute business cards!! I'm excited to see the new stuff in the shop :)

  4. the market went pretty well, not as busy as the last one tho, but I still had fun!

    thanks for all your lovely comments :)