Oct 23, 2009

Blog Awards!

This is looonnnggg overdue, but thanks to Amber over at France, FTW! for picking my blog as one of her "lovely little blog award" winners! Yipee! Photo from her page as well!

Here’s the deal. Name 10 things about yourself & give the award to 10 blogs you love.

Here we go!

1. Carrots intrigue me. At one point in my life everything revolved around carrots, my halloween costume, my art projects, I made carrot shaped cookies, key chains etc.
2. I play the ukulele!! I'm still learning but let me tell you, it's highly enjoyable.
3. Bunnies complete me. Love to pet them, hold them, snuggle with them, dream about them.
4. I'm in school to become a teacher! Those kiddies say the darndest things. ha!
5. I pretend I can sew. Lately I've been buying a lot of vintage skirts and refashioning them to make them a bit more modern. What a money saver! Wahoo!
6. I have a not so secret crush on Zooey Dechanel. (who doesn't?) I love her style and quirky personality. What a dreamboat she is.
7. I am currently obsessed with watching Hell's Kitchen and The City. Never miss a show!
8. Hot Dogs are my friend. Those little doggies feel so nice in my belly.
9. When I was small I left bowls of milk out on the porch to get little kitty cats to come over and visit me. My dad did not approve.
10. I used to have a gerbil named Munchie. He had a leash and I took him out for backyard adventures.

I give this blog award to:

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Josie Bean
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AND I tag all you readers to comment below to tell me three little facts about yourself! I'd love to get to know you better :)


  1. I think bunnies are so cute and that it's really awesome you play the ukelele!
    Thanks for the award, darl, will post it soon.

  2. I've posted the award..thanks again!

  3. 1. I'm in a band with my dad, brother, and uncle. I sing, play uke, melodica, and hand percussion.

    2. My nails are almost always painted bright red. Have been for years.

    3. Diet Pepsi is my one vise. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, but I'm constantly looking for my next Pepsi fix.