Feb 22, 2010

Shredded Circle Scarf

Oh look what we have here. I've been seeing shredded items popping up everywhere and these circle scarves from urban revision's etsy store caught my eye...I love the soft colors and cozy potential of these friendly neck pieces. I tried to recreate the look using recycled t shirts and it only turned out medium nice. Hmmmmm the shredding process is a little tricky to master, you best be careful or you'll end up with huge holes....not so friendly. BUT check out this DIY tutorial I found on childhood flames' blog that teaches you how to shred a t shirt, video included....give it a go maybe you'll have better luck than meeeee! Weeeeeeee!


  1. how did you make it out of t-shirts?

  2. HI, if you cut the body out of a very large t shirt out...cut under the armpits and also cut off the hem on the body you pretty much have a circle scarf. Make sure the t shirt doesn't have any seams though, it won't look as nice if it does. Then follow the tutorial on how to shred the fabric and you can shred as much or as little area of the scarf you want. When you're finished, wrap it around your neck a few times and you're finished! Hope that helps!!