Mar 17, 2010

Scrap Wood Bunny


By the way, in case you don't already know...bunnies + me = love. I came across this GIANT bunny constructed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and wished I could keep him in my apartment as my pet. Here's what Hofman had to say about this epic creature, also known as....

The Giant of Vlaardingen

2002 - 2003 8 x 10,5 x 5,5 meters Salvaged wood, nails and screws

"It took three months to build to a sculpture out of salvaged wood, with the assistance of local people. The sculpture is an assemblage, and although the quality of the wood was poor, it stood on three locations!"

Who would have guessed scraps of wood could come together as something so adorable! Psssssst visit his site here for some of his other works of art....with project titles such as "Lion avec ballon" "Bunny Candybottle" and "Rubber Duck," you can only imagine what you are about to see. Enjoy.

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