Apr 28, 2010

Double T Shirt Dress

What do you do with two old t shirts on their way to the donation center? Make a dress of course! From the creators over at takeoffyourclothes, this breezy dress is made from two t shirts sewn together at the neckline, the sleeves are turned in and sewn shut to make pockets! So c-c-c-lever!! The dress can be worn several different ways and the comfort level is a-ok. I bet this would make a fun DIY project...scour your dad's closet for some vintage tees and away you go! la la la. IMAGINE all the different color combinations you could come up with .... mint green + grey, sunny yellow + navy, any color + black ... wowee, just in time for spring!

I also love this little number I like to call: "I'm a t shirt....just kidding...I'm a dress!!" also by takeoffyourclothes. Like what you see? Visit their etsy shop for some of their other t shirt creations. Dum dee dum, have a lovely week.

Pssssssssssssst black and white braided scarf tutorial coming right up!


  1. i love the drapes and monochromatic tone!! supperrr cuuteee!

  2. wow ! i absolutely love the second dress , the white and black one.
    is that the same style as the photo above, just worn differently ?

  3. the second one is not the same style, it's a full t shirt (white) sewn together with just the body of another one (black). I like how it looks like you're wearing a scarf in the second photo!!

  4. i want to see some step procedures on how you transform that from cheap tee shirts...