Aug 8, 2010

I'm alive I promise


Sweet heavens where have I been? Sorry for my sudden unexplained hiatus. Please accept as my apology this dream-like photo of my boyfriend and a small furry friend we encountered during our travels. Meow, she's sorry, meow, please forgive her. If not, I hope at least this friendly image makes you smile just a little, it certainly does for me. :) <--- see. Here's a super quick run down of what I've been up to over the last six (gasp) months:

a. completed my placement in Macau. ate a lot of food, mostly in the form of buffets.
b. graduated from my education degree = I'm a real teacher!! yippee!!
c. petted a lot of furry friends. they really love dogs in Macau...not to eat, only to pet.
d. traveled to Malaysia. so so beautiful.
e. then to Guilin, China. don't let the "hot dog" on the menu fool you.
f. boyfriend visits after five long (long) months. love.
g. more travelling, first to South Korea. first time at a public bath house aka. nude spa. kinda liberating.
h. next to Qing Dao. home of the Tsing Tao brewery. yep, that beer you buy because it's cheap.
i. and finally Beijing. climbed the great wall of China! hard work but breathtaking!
j. return home to Canada. wow I missed you and your clean-I-can-actually-see-the-sky air.
k. fill my void of thrift store shopping immediately. lol.
l. commence ukulele re-learning. missed you little guy.
m. getting ready to head back to Macau at the end of August for an another year! (what?!)

Crazy right?! I figure I'm young (ish) don't have too many things I'm tied down to... and when will I ever get this opportunity again? So I took a leap and signed on to teach for another year. I'm really excited to start my first real teaching job and put all my education to good use. So here I am, putting finishing touches on my lesson plans and packing once again for the big move. What comes next? I don't know! that's the fun part!

Don't worry I didn't forget about you, more posts coming soon!! What do you think of the new template? I thought I'd spruce things up a bit since it's been in hibernation for so long. haha.

Thanks for reading! Meow!


  1. Wow! your life is so exciting! Congrats on your graduation and good luck with your teaching job! Best of wishes :)