Oct 4, 2010

guess what I'm making?


A recycled glove chipmunk!!! Remember this little guy from a few posts before? I went to my favourite japanese dollar store and picked up all the supplies. Lucky me! they had (almost) everything I needed! (they didn't have pipe cleaners...no bendy legs for this furry friend, oh well) I also couldn't find a plain brown glove so I settled for this striped beige one instead. I like how the blue stripe makes it look like he's wearing pants AND the brown stripe on top worked out perfectly as his nose! Wowee! Well he's a work in progress, the hand sewing is making my fingers a little tired so he's just gonna take a small rest tonight. What a fun project, I'm already thinking of making a glove skunk....glove rabbit....glove kitten, oh he's going to have so many friends! I'll be sure to show you once he's all put together :) Click here for the full DIY instructions.


  1. WOW the stripes worked out so perfectly!! you should've taken a "before" photo of the glove!! cute :)
    can I please have a skunk if you make one?! that sounds so awesome!!!
    oo! you could make a turkey too for thanksgiving....with the finger feathers.....

  2. I still say it's a glove squirrel! -Liz