Oct 10, 2010

recycled t shirt project inspiration

Whoa it's me! So I thought I'd test out the whole video making thing. haha. May I remind you I have zero skills in movie editing/public speaking/speaking to no one in front of my computer (lol) so I might be slightly awkward. or a lot! eeeee! I wanted to show you this neat top I found that I might try to recreate on my own t shirts...lemme know your thoughts! Ok, have a good one, bye!


  1. Oo looks good would love you to try to make it. Kate xx

  2. Sean here...
    That looks interesting, if you are interested in posting a tutorial video go for it.
    If you post it they will come to you.

  3. if it inspires you then do it don't ask for other people to ask you to do it unless you need some one to help you do it..
    in that case i think i works on the same principle of the legging weaving style that is commonly seen in the emo scene

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog, when I was researching tshirt yarn projects (great scarf idea, I'm so going to make it) XD

    but yeah, I would like a tute ^^

  5. woah, so adorable. thank you!

    and i love beachhouse

  6. This is very neat! Also, I think it's great you're listening to Beach House in the background. One of my favorites!