Jan 17, 2015


Hello internet friends! WOW it's been three...years! Sorry for abandoning this space! So much has happened since we've last spoken. Here's a quick rundown in case anyone is still out there reading this:

1. Still living in Macau! Been teaching grade 4 and the Canadian International School. It's been a great experience! Love the friends I've made there and the support I get from my grade 4 team!


3. Getting tired of living in Macau. I've been out here many yearssssss now and part of the reason I stopped posting was because of my lack of inspiration and access to second hand items.  Couldn't find any old t shirts and ending up buying new ones to make my crafts which um.....defeats the purpose entirely haha. Need a change of scenery soon!!

4. Broke up with boyfriend. Dated new boyfriend. Broke up with new boyfriend. Ain't nobody got time for cheaters. Now thoroughly enjoying the single life.

5.  Enter. Connie 2015. I'm about to turn 30 (!!!) and I'm soooo ready to focus on me and return to the things that once brought me joy....like this little space here. I'm also trying something different and filming a few fashion and beauty related videos. Hope they're are at least a little bit bearable? More DIYs to come, I have a good feeling :)

Thanks for sticking around, big hugs! xoxo


  1. Hi Connie!

    Just found your blog by happenstance, and I love it! Glad you're back from your hiatus. Looking forward to more fabulous posts!


    1. Awww thanks so much for stopping by! It means so much!!! :)