May 12, 2009

Value Village: 50% off Sale!

Attention all thrifters: Value Village is having a mega 50% off sale on Monday May 25th! Come get your used goodies and vintage finds between 8am and 9pm at all Canadian and US stores! Weeeeeeeeeee! So excited!

Dear Value Village,

Your upcoming sale excites me greatly. Please await my arrival as I yearn to be united with all your thrifty gems. Don't worry my sweet provider of all things vintage, it won't be long now.



  1. eee!excitement thanks for sharing! :D
    i was gonna say value village is apparently owned by walmart... but i looked into it and its not. so all good. woot. the end.

  2. OMG. that would be heartbreaking! Phew!! have you seen Wal-Town? Good documentary.

  3. Thanks for the heads up!
    They have 50% off sales every 3-4 monthss... but I never know the exact date... and now I do!
    thank u!

  4. I just realized this blog is a year old... lol, lovely