Oct 2, 2009

October Contest!!

As promised, the October contest has arrived!! Here's what's up for grabs.... one winner will receive the following two items:

HEATHER GRAY/ROBIN EGG BLUE recycled t-shirt necklace
CHARCOAL/YELLOW recycled t-shirt knotted bracelet

Items are handmade by ME and are featured in my Etsy shop thisoldshirt ....here is your chance to win!

How to enter:

Comment below with your email address and answer the following question: "what is your current music obsession?" Can be a song or a group name, add a link if you like. I've been looking for some new tunes lately, this will totally help me out :)

I will use random.org to choose one winner. Contest ends Friday October 16th 12:00am mountain time.


- contest closed -


  1. This site is my musical obssesion: http://www.incredibox.fr/. It allows you to make your own music.



  2. Mine is my cousin's band (we're a little nepotistic in our family), Jkextrvaganza. Based in Chicago, kind of punk/ska/whatever, they're the only band I listen to that no one's ever heard of :)



  3. The song "Naive" by The Kooks, as well as Goldspot, The Explorers Club, and Oppenheimer (bands)
    Also, how did I JUST NOW think to start using Pandora? It's amazing!


  4. Ohh, my newest obsession is one lithuanian singer - Jazzu (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PdG6Is3m9o)and... George Michael :)


  5. Current obsession: Firefox AK

    Also revisiting old classics like The Talking Heads and The Ramones

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  7. I am quickly falling in love with Owl City ( http://www.myspace.com/owlcity )! His songs are sososo catchy and adorable and makes you want to either dance or make something cute. Maybe both at the same time.

  8. My new favourite is Fresh Feeling by Eels. There's no morning that would start without it.

  9. Thanks for your comments so far...gotta go look up all this music! Don't forget to include your email so I can contact you if you win! Good Luck!

  10. Anything by Kathleen Edwards. She's an amazing Canadian singer who sings about pain and heartache in the most beautiful way. Check out the album "Asking for Flowers" and listen to "Buffalo."


  11. alyssa.odango@gmail.com

    oops, sorry! now you have three comments from me.

  12. haha no worries!

    p.s. I love all the songs on your playlist :)we like a lot of the same music, yay!

  13. hi cons :)
    katie costello! --> http://www.myspace.com/katiecostellosongs


  14. Placebo :) They have been my favourite band since 2004. I reccomend Kangaroo died and Leni.



  15. this was a good idea now you can hear about all this great music!
    well for my contest entry I would have to say my song of the day that I am obsessed with is Alela Diane -White as Diamonds http://www.myspace.com/alelamusic

    and my email...:) daisydeathstar@gmail.com.

    thanks connie!


  16. I have two musical obsessions currently -
    Linkin Park (of course)and Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say.

    email: lproxster@gmail.com


  17. I'm sure you've heard of them, but currently, I am madly in love with Pomplamoose! The members are both extremly talented multi-instrumentalists and their Youtube channel is awesome.

    email: michirondelle@yahoo.com

  18. Oh, I'm so sure that you don't take me in this contest'cos I'm from Finland and I don't even know what the shipping cost would be.. But I really love your blog and your crafts!

    And the question: "what is your current music obsession?" My obsession is nowadays The Fray. Or Onerebuplic! Can't get enough!


  19. Definitely Owl City, I really like the song "Fireflies" especially. Ohhh and the playlist created by Pandora for the song New Soul by Yael Naim is really good, including songs like Little Romance and Can't Help Falling In Love, both by Ingrid Michaelson, and Eet by Regina Spektor.


  20. Anything by Sarah Jarosz, but this song especially: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1Kj-ccsiAg

    the_mullen at hotmail dot com

  21. I love love love Amber Rubarth :)
    She lights up my day with her voice!

  22. coreygloster@gmail.com

    sneaker pimps! i loved one of their songs when i was younger and just rediscovered their music.


  23. Oh this is exciting!

    email address: jrnmerritt@gmail.com

    "what is your current music obsession?"
    I stumbled upon LENKA many months ago. She was exactly what I needed - upbeat singer/songwriter/folksy music. She wasn't soulful, it wasn't about love, it just WAS (breakups suck, by the way). I still dig her - big time! I was a bit irritated when I heard her played on 90210, but hey, good for her. That's great exposure!

    Can be a song or a group name, add a link if you like. I've been looking for some new tunes lately, this will totally help me out :)

  24. haha, forgot... my email is alexispayne@gmail.com. currently i'm a little obsessed with the album country club by john doe and the sadies. i also recommend nouvelle vague.

  25. I went and looked at your pieces on your ETSY and who would of thought to make a bracelet, headbands or a belt out of an old tshirt? Coolest idea EVER!!

  26. Hi there! I love all your cool bracelets! I'm super obsessed with a Norwegian band called St. Thomas...they just make you feel so happy! I recommend the song, "A Long Long Time."
    my email is tilt9@hotmail.com Thanks!

  27. Current obsession: Deer Tick. I can't stop listening to them.


  28. Bark Cat Bark, don't miss this. We all kind of wish we lived in Paris don't we? Well this nicely crafted French pop will wisk you away into a beautiful arrangement of traditional french instruments and an overall sharpness that makes you believe, yes... they are better than us.

  29. Hey, saw a link for your blog on another craft site. What a way to welcome someone to the blog! Free stuff! :-)

    Well I guess nows a good a time as any to introduce myself. I'm Leandra, stuck on a rock in the middle of the pacific (Hawaii) who likes making bracelets outta random shtuff. Nice to meet you!


    Email: wirusonsan@yahoo.com

    Now for the main goal of this post- yay music!

    Gotta go back to the classics...

    ZZ Top and Led Zeppelin is a cure all

    zztop.com ("Pearl Necklace" is my current obsession)

    ledzeppelin.com ("Whole Lotta Love" is a popular choice)

    For a new bluesy edge with a sound of the old, try...

    The Derek Trucks Band

    derektrucks.com (The entire "Songlines" album is fantastic)

    Happy musical hunting!

  30. Hello There!!

    email: lindsaybytof@gmail.com

    Favorite tunes as of late: Always into "A Fine Frenzy"..a wonderfully fantastic band lead by redhead frontwoman Alison Sudol!

  31. My current obsession is Florence and the Machine.
    I am in love with their cover of Flake by Mystery Jet. You really really should download their album called Lungs.

    Hypem.com is a great site to use when you are searching for music to listen to.


    If you want to dance, I would suggest listening to Muscles.