Aug 14, 2010

DIY draped skirt

photo: Anywho

A while back I posted about this amazing DIY Burberry inspired skirt project that's been really popular among bloggers lately...AND since I've returned to my home-and-native-land of Canada I could finally get my hands on some second hand jewels, put my sewing machine to good use and (try to) recreate this lovely skirt. Three cheers for fun projects! Hip-Hip-Horray!

I scoured the racks for some kind of plus size cotton jersey dress with enough fabric for the skirt and happened to lay eyes on this little...I mean LARGE fella'. The dress is made of a thick almost sweatshirt-like material in a nice dark grey color which is perfect for mixing and matching. Lucky me, I snatched him up for only $4.99. What a steal!

Here's the dress before: Notice how my shoulders are defined to perfection. You can thank the magic of the ol' pad on the shoulder for this trick on the eyes.


...and here's what "this old dress" (wink nudge) turned into. TA-DA! I like it!


It was a pretty simple project and didn't take much time to make...not to mention super comfortable and earth friendly! The waistband was a bit tricky for my untrained self, so it's only half sewn until I think of some brilliant way to fully secure it. Ideas are always welcome!! (help me) haha. Here are the DIY instructions compiled from the original post by Anywho and the ever inspiring Angie over at Sewithought with her take on the skirt.

1. Use a high waisted bodycon skirt as a pattern (I added about 1/2″ around for seam allowance I also added about 3 inches on the top of mine to make a waistband. Because I made mine from an already made item I used the hem of the dress so if you are not remaking an item you may want to add some allowance for a hem.)

2. Cut 8 wide pieces. (I cut 4 pieces and folded them in half – my pieces were 10 inches wide and 24 inches long. Sew these pieces in order to make 4 tubes)

3. Cross two tubes to achieve a draped affect. Repeat with the remaining two. (Just use the front piece of your skirt for this.

4. Pin everything down all the way around then take the back of the skirt and attach it to the front piece. (I pinned my draped pieces down and sewed them on before attaching the front and back pieces together.)

Happy sewing day everyone!


  1. Wow! That looks really nice! =]
    If only I knew how to use a sewing machine... and had a properly functioning sewing maching as well.....

  2. I love it! I think your version of this skirt is my favourite so far. I have to try this!

  3. so sadly i cannot sewing and i really like ur DIY burberry skirt. isn't it lovely mix with the with lose shirt?

  4. I like yours better than the original!

  5. wow!!! that turned out amazing! i want to try it! if i ever have time from sewing school projects....

    WE should skype sometime and I can help you with the wasitband!!

  6. Very cute! Love your t-shirt, where is it from?

  7. thanks! it's from the Canadian brand Joe Fresh. Check out the site!

  8. I've been meaning to make this one! Yours looks awesome!!

  9. thanks! i've been meaning to buy one of your hats!